UltraGrid 1.9

UltraGrid is a software for video transmission over networks in high quality but with low latency (as low as 83ms). It allows high-definition streams (PAL/NTSC, HD, 2K, 2160p, iHDTV, QuadHD, SuperHD, 4K video). It supports SAGE, OpenGL and SDL displays, DXT-compression per GLSL, JPEG compression via CUDA, permits to utilize HDMI and HD-SDI cards, system audio or JACK sinks, and even provides 3D support.

Tags c c++ video transmission low-latency sdl x11 opengl glsl streaming audio network
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.906 Mar 2024 12:24 minor feature: Changes: added basic nvdec support added Pipewire screen capture added Pipewire generic video capture display added Pipewire audio capture display GUI: Don't block whole interface when querying UG capabilities GUI: Better handling of UG crash during capability query GUI: vuMeter: Redesigned to allow variable channel count GUI: vuMeter: Added maximum recent peak indicator swmix: Optionaly specify a custom config file path holepunch: New 'bind_ip' option improved deinterlacing quality and performance; support for higher than 8 bit pixel formats added new deinterlace filters (linear, bob) added support for Vuikan on macOS (utilizing MoltenVK) improved support for HW accelerated encoding with QuickSync for Intel GPUs (mainly for higher bit-depth formats) improved support for AMD GPUs (encoding with AMF, VDPAU decoding, VA-API) improved Windows screen capture (automaticaly register filter) Reed-Solomon: support for multiple tiles (notably 3D) improved AV1 performance by tweaking parameters video switcher: support for embedded audio switching added file (libavformat-backed) output supported 8 bit transcoding in hd-rum-transcode and resize filter improved DShow capture compatibility with new pixfmts + convert to RGB added official mac arm64 build
1.3-rc107 Nov 2014 07:25 major feature: ./.