Veusz 3.3.1

Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF, or SVG output. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as a command line interface and can be scripted or embedded in Python scripts. Graphs are constructed in a modular fashion from separate components. Datasets can be interactively modified or created from within the program.

Tags science-research cross-platform qt cpython visualization
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.107 Dec 2020 13:05 minor feature: New tools for zooming into plot on click, zooming out, moving plot center and resetting plot axes. Double clicking on axis range resets endpoint to Auto. Add key entries for histo widget. MacOS improvements Big Sur compatibility file associations . Big Sur compatibility. file associations. Python 3.10 prerelease. for reproducible builds.
3.330 Nov 2020 13:45 minor feature: New histogramming widget (histo). Add keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding widgets (Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ ). New security model allows running arbitrary code for documents in allowed locations. Allow Python-level module imports. New separate lo and hi error bar styles. Use same colour for key title as key text. Add preferences for number of significant figures in picker. New colormaps: inferno, magma, moreland, parula, plasma and viridis. Add CurrentPath() API command to get current widget path. Add dataset operations for reversing and subtracting dataset maximum. Now supports building using sip5. for values in boxplots. Add setting to optionally omit paths in document files. New flight-recorder and histogram examples. Make sure line around arrows is solid. README is now renamed to Switch to unsigned long long for widget IDs to build. Add multiline FieldTextEdit field. Windows binary now built only for 64 bit. MacOS binary now built for High Sierra (10.13) or later.
3.2.99122 Nov 2020 03:19 minor feature: too large page size in SVG export. Reenable compression for PNG export. crash in HDF5 import dialog. If filename extension is missing in export dialog, add it and avoid crash. Take account of QT_LIBINsetting for unusual Qt installs. Add wtilde text command to place a tilde over text.
3.2.123 Mar 2020 18:25 minor feature: too large page size in SVG export. Reenable compression for PNG export. crash in HDF5 import dialog. If filename extension is missing in export dialog, add it and avoid crash. Take account of QT_LIBINsetting for unusual Qt installs. Add wtilde text command to place a tilde over text.
3.208 Mar 2020 16:05 minor feature: Add ability to plot image widget using boxes rather than a bitmap, with new drawing mode option. Add widget order option in key widget. Export dialog now uses multiple threads. Python 3.9 compatibility. Show exception dialog if crash occurs outside main thread. Added Brazilian Portuguese description for desktop file. Use python3 by default for in-place run. icons in tutorial. case when positions in bar widget are set, then removed. Truly all files are shown in import dialog, if requested. browse button in export dialog. stylesheet for polygon widget. invalid escape sequences warnings. parametric date creation for non-English locales.
3.127 Oct 2019 15:05 minor feature: Do not print or export hidden pages. Allow expressions in dataset of contour widget. Allow widgets to be excluded in key. Make bezier line better fit data. Switch linux binary from x86 - x86-64 for better compatibility. Compilation for PyQt =5.12. Ensure fit settings are sorted in output file. Crash in contour labelling. D axis crash. Problem with broken axis with null-sized regions. With 0-sized images in image widget. Function widget crash with certain plotting range. For axis crash with large magnitude ranges. CSV importing for 2D and ND data. Zero division error in 2D import. Crash on importing HDF5 files with variable length text. Catch with zero range axes. Crash is using set in dataset expression. Crash when moving line coordinates. Remove deprecation warnings when compiling with recent Qt versions.
3.0.123 Jul 2018 06:45 minor feature: Change in build system to use qmake to find Qt locations. This is to the build inside Anaconda. Also Qt and sip parameters can now be given as environment variables. problem when picking points with too many non-finite values. Change default SVG export DPI to 96 to match inkscape and provide option in dialog to choose export DPI. Allow PAGE and PAGENAME in export filename for single page output. failing fitting due to iminuit differences. crash if both ends of part of broken axis widget are the same for EMF exporting. Update to Qt 5.11.1 and update PyQt and sip in Windows binary. Build Mac and Linux binaries with EMF export.
3.011 Jun 2018 10:05 minor feature: New 3D support for plotting points, functions, surfaces and volumes. Add --export-option parameter for command line exporting control. Add exported file names templates in preferences, add PAGE00 and PAGE000 options for zero-prepage numbers, and change PAGENUM to PAGE . In export dialog allow user to specify arbitrary pages to export. Change miter limit for lines, which some problems when exporting arrow to PDFs. Use flat cap on lines with arrows, to avoid line showing through head. Support datetime64 and string/unicode characters in npy/npz import. Add hat LaTeX support.
2.99904 Jun 2018 03:16 minor feature: Zoom for polar, ternary and broken axis plots. For mean and add dataset operations, allow datasets to be different lengths, expanding to the maximum. Broken axis if the ends of the axis are not the edge of the plot. Image embedding in Python 3. Update h5py to newer version in Windows binary (supporting HDF 1.10.1). 'fractions' and 'percentages' units in polar plot. Add LANG(mapping) function when evaluating labels, allowing translation of strings in documents.
2.2.209 Apr 2018 13:25 minor feature: Zoom for polar, ternary and broken axis plots. For mean and add dataset operations, allow datasets to be different lengths, expanding to the maximum. Broken axis if the ends of the axis are not the edge of the plot. Image embedding in Python 3. Update h5py to newer version in Windows binary (supporting HDF 1.10.1). 'fractions' and 'percentages' units in polar plot. Add LANG(mapping) function when evaluating labels, allowing translation of strings in documents.
2.2.112 Mar 2018 11:25 minor feature: Mouse control for Key widget for different zoom levels. Correct coordinates shown on bottom of screen for different zoom levels. Zoom into graph functionality for different zoom levels. Plot picking for different zoom levels. When choosing a text dataset, the mini dataset browser. Crash when previewing in binary import using Python 3. Crash when picking points in certain circumstances.
2.226 Feb 2018 06:25 minor feature: Notify user updates to Veusz are available. Add support for high DPI displays. Change zoom code scale plots, rather than changing the size of elements, so that plots look more similar at different zoom levels. Send automatic anonymous feedback to developers giving software version information and counts of the features used. colormap sequence and randomize plugins. Change hyphen to minus sign when using standard C formatting in tick labels. for Chinese and Korean characters in filenames on Windows. Sort DatasetPlugin arguments for diffing. bitmap EMF export in Python 3. The redo operation can now be done multiple times. Hide fully transparent objects, rather than trying to draw them. report script in Python 3. Fallback for paint device metrics, ing when PyQt is older than Qt. If barplot positions setting is blank but set, treat as unset.
2.1.10105 Feb 2018 03:16 minor feature: Initial threed commit . Spinning 3d transparent cube. . Merge branch 'master' into threed. . Update for local imports. . import. . Further 3d commits. . Merge branch 'master' into threed. . Add option to swap symbol and text on keys. . Merge. . Basic to get veusz to run with graph3d widget. . Working line plotting function. . Add surface function plotting. . Implement line properties. . Implement surface fill. . Speed up perspective transform. Get min and max depths. . Experiments writing C++ 3D code. . Implement shape fragmenting. . Store transformed 3d points in fragment. . Rename and more work, adding scene. . Move operators into classes. . Check args. . Wrap other classes. . Rescale plot to window size. . Use reference counting scheme for properties. . Loop over overlapping items. . Implement triangle intersection code. . Simplify code. . Implement triangle-triangle overlapping fragment breaking. . Implement triangle splitting. . Split out splitting/drawing. . Depth sort based on overlapping regions. . Add settings for rotating graph. . somehow crept into triangle overlap detection code. . Remove some deging. . Specify c++ mode. . Merge branch 'master' into threed. . Merge branch 'threed' of into threed. . More work in process. Forgotten what state this is in!. . Add code for breaking overlapping triangles. . More to get 2d overlap code to work. . More work. . Mostly working triangle overlap code. . Plug in triangle code. . Further useless work. . Delete unused code. . Add mesh data type. . Move to using new Mesh object. . Rename variables. . Add numpy- ValVector conversion. . Add vector addPoints function for PolyLine. . Add copyright n
2.1.112 Nov 2017 13:01 minor bugfix: This is a bug fix release. It fixes the error when exporting a plot with dotted/dashed lines to EMF format. The errors when using dataset, tools or import plugins are solved. The command line argument handling has been rewritten, fixing an encoding issue in Windows where some filenames (e.g. Chinese) would not open when double-clicked. The splash screen now is hidden after a time period, so it does not obscure dialog boxes. Code to use the deprecated sipconfig if possible when building to get details of the SIP installation has been reintroduced.
2.130 Oct 2017 11:45 minor feature: Drop setting.convertFrom() and rename setting.convertTo() to normalize. Rename toText and fromText. Get rid of unused readDefaults(). Removed unused default code. Separate out when reference is used in Setting. Change isWidget() - iswidget. ImageWidget filename choosing and embedding. Cleanup stylesheet linking code by replacing the per-class linking. linking to stylesheet for auto-added axes. Remove duplicate functions to look up document paths. Translate prefLookup to resolveSettingPath. Convert getFromPath. Force C++11 compilation on Unix. Cleanups. dialog boxes for unsafe code and reloading doc. error if file already exists in export dialog box. If the imported data file is missing on document load display a dialo?. Parameterize number of steps in covariance widget. Report line number for exceptions in reading csv data. Convert values from expressions to 1D arrays when required. Remove old atropy-0.2 compatibility. Remove deprecation for astropy-2?. Take account of error bar endsize/hideHorz/hideVert for bar plot widget. Remove deprecated sipconfig and add sip build parameters. self test if locale is wrong. Bump version for next release.
2.0.124 Sep 2017 03:15 minor feature: manual bins in histogram dialog box. Update Rename new colormaps. Bump version number to 2.0.1 and document changes. Put version number in Mac binary.
2.017 Sep 2017 03:15 minor feature: Initial Qt5 changes. for build. SVG export. emf export. controlgraph items. ctrl/shift scroll wheel operation. self test failure from non-zero line width for default lines. tutorial for qt5. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. svg export / self test for qt5. Compatiblity for future qt 5.6. Show save dialog. export dialog crashing when selecting a folder. crashing when drag dropping a file in the interface. wrong path being detected on Windows systems. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Merge branch 'qt5' of into KDB2-qt5. Merge branch 'KDB2-qt5' into qt5. shift + scroll not handling every mouses and every trackpads. crash when trying to save an error message in the exception dialo?. . Avoid None in list of numpy arrays. shift + scroll part 2. Always use pixelDelta first. Merge branch 'qt5' of into qt5. Use isNull instead of.x()==0 and.y()==0. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. EPS/PS format export by using Ghostscript to convert from PDF. error checking and if output eps/ps already exists. Qt5 now supports custom PDF page sizes. Use this and delete code to. restoring state. library names on windows. Further for Py3/PyQt5. compilation under MacOS with framework. linking on Mac OS frameworks. Make tab bars work better on mac. slicing in HDF5 for Python 3. Updates for qt5. Script to automate making windows installer. Update pyinstaller file for qt5 and move to support. Put back binaries required on some platforms. Use pyinstaller for Mac OS distribution, to match other platforms. Updates for test release. Merge branch 'master' into qt5. Check ghostscript output devices. Document changed from qt4- qt5. Cannot reproduce with Qt5. I'm now removing the workaround code. As we have run_veusz_inplace, get rid of code to find veusz module fr?. Remove workaround to not use KDE dialogs, as appears to
1.2703 Sep 2017 03:15 minor feature: New FITS import code and user interface, allowing much more flexible and convenient FITS importing. Half pixel error in linear WCS FITS support. Save custom definitions after importing data, to allow customs to depend on datasets. Add preference for loading translation file. Logical errors in transparency in image widget. If cannot find translation or plugin, do not end app after showing error. For Python 3 for reloading datasets.
1.26.9928 Aug 2017 03:15 minor feature: Change homepage in program to new site Change new version checking to use
1.26.116 May 2017 05:21 minor feature: Adds color themes for automatic coloring of widgets. Custom colors can now be defined. Improved custom definition dialog box added. Horizontal error lines/fills are shown in plot keys. Adds editable automatic axis ranges. iMinuit can be used for fitting. Invalid values in image widgets are now transparent for log scaling. Some bug fixes.
1.25.121 Dec 2016 18:04 minor bugfix: A bug fix release fixing 2D dataset expressions, 2D XYZ dataset expressions and some built-in functions in function evaluation. There are some better error checks in the CSV and Gnuplot 2D data import routines.
1.2527 Nov 2016 21:30 minor feature: Now supports importing N-dimensional datasets, which can be sliced for plotting. A covariance ellipse plotting widget has been updated. There are new plot symbols and arrow styles. There are a number of minor bug fixes.
1.2405 May 2016 17:55 minor feature: Python expressions can now be evaluated in text labels. Several functions have been added, including DATE, TIME, FILENAME, DATA and SETTING, useful in labels or when plotting functions. The polar plot can now plot fractions or percentages and allows the number of spokes to be varied. Multiple widgets can be selected on plot by holding ctrl/shift. More colormaps have been included and a reload option has been added to the file menu. A number of bugs have also been fixed.
1.23.230 Dec 2015 10:29 minor bugfix: This is a bug fix release for compatibility with newer numpy versions and to correct a few crashes. The boxplot widget now works again with manual settings. A few unicode issues have also been fixed.
1.23.118 Jun 2015 19:29 minor bugfix: Veusz now enables compression in exported bitmap files. There are a number of bug fixes, including fixing saving histogram datasets. Label colours are now obeyed in contour plots. The clone widget tools plugin now works. Exporting to PDF files has been fixed with the broken axis widget. Several crash bugs have now been resolved.
1.2318 Apr 2015 15:08 minor feature: Veusz now includes an export dialog box allowing export of multiple graph pages in different formats. The program now has an improved filtering dialog. Colourmaps now support parametrised "cubehelix" schemes and maps can be arbitrarily stepped. Incorrect colours in log images have also been fixed. The release also includes a large number of bug fixes.
1.2220 Oct 2014 08:48 minor feature: This release now includes improved shape resizing. It also includes data import improvements for CSV and 2D data. It adds options to extend the python path to import external functions for plotting. The main widget selection code has been rewritten to fix several bugs. Several crash bugs and other bugs have been fixed in the code. In addition, this release fixes a serious bug when using 2D datasets with irregular coordinates.