Warzone 2100 4.0.0

Command the forces of "The Project" in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles. The game offers a full campaign with optional (but strongly recommended!), videos, battle against four factions, multiplayer and single-player skirmish modes, and an extensive tech tree and a full unit designer. Multiplayer is also cross-platform - battle your friends with any OS, Windows, Linux or macOS, it all works seamlessly!

Tags real-time-strategy game c++ linux windows macos bsd
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

4.0.001 Mar 2021 03:15 major feature: General: Add: Tweak build and line build to allow diagonal building and more (commit:4b99c8f20f0c202b5b2bc797580f2a8b32361db4, commit:337103224cdb69262938b5614c0e972de87b4baa, commit:95cf4a8fe90752df809f19d5fc3537d4cec520a2, commit:b72b642757117cd11fb91b06fa39fbb3a774a51d, #996). Add: Add "Add to group #" keyboard shortcuts. Add: Add hardban list. Add: Add Hotkey to rotate building during placement. Add: Add indicator for unused derricks. Add: Add configuration directory link to Options menu. Add: Add Music Manager menu / in-game options. Add: Add additional info to the pause screen to improve user experience. Add: Improvements to multiplayer lobby widgets / screens. Add: Bring back screen shake option. Add: Support "Desktop Fullscreen" window mode, better switching. Add: Savegames now have suggestions. Add: Add "Go Back" to in-game pause menu and submenus. Add: Implement research cycle detection. Change: Lower threshold for automatic firing against blocking walls to 33 damage minimum. Change: weird cyborg names. Change: Remove radar jump bounce / camera code cleanup. Change: Use buffered file writing for binary save game files to speed up save times. Change: Load terrain textures earlier during game init for better load performance. Change: Show research names instead of "research completed" in the console. Change: Widget improvements, Replace Qt-based Script Deger window. : Remove hard-coded limit on number of tiles seen by objects (commit:a115e05813a613185deab8a55c640d3e7afa495c, #986). : initial delivery point, droid orientation and puff effect for rotated factories. : Next building hotkeys improvements. : droid stacking from factories if using hold orders, for example. : crash when loading challenge saves from the in-game menu. : Improve droid transfer function. : Use voice volume setting for intel button sounds. : Map Zoom config option cycle. : Continue Last Save always
3.4.120 Jul 2020 03:15 minor bugfix: General: : Zoom speed tied to game speed (commit:22a7855b4ca5262f75b48625ea1a2fd14e6e3d2d, #939). : Chatbox text drawn over tooltips (commit:605969d3196d56d7fbcc9057b776d168630a9634, #965). : End game stat bars having an off by one error (commit:ef02b1256619e15b0b08a7d8fbe36b4a60994204, #973). : Improve keymap default logic (commit:79518b0b19396c48ffc607183353dbe252578291, commit:8d764e53c31909f12d46ab8194d64be460988618, #977). : Chatbox related softlock (commit:a12b1a9cf305054317630664492dc8816acefada, #978). : simple keybinds not firing when a meta key is held down (commit:92979bab768e0fba7666c944883885017e8ddcc8, #993). : Refund factory power better with queued templates (commit:43b48a7a8552615787a07ee808a9693e0f8bf7b7, #990). : Minimized/occluded window causing a huge spike in CPU activity on macOS due to vsync. : Prevent softlock when opening reticule menus while keymap is open in multiplayer. Campaign: Change: Victory condition "eliminate bases" now triggers a last attack from the AI like the other conditions do (commit:215f6f255621138b745ef364052d2890282f41f0, #988). : Failing at the start of cam3-c if no trucks were present at the end of the cam3-1 mission. Multiplayer: : Changing flag color should not reset ready status (commit:cd1c0be79a6698d8db6e2110a8899239e08e9a91, #966). : map preview sticking to kicked players (commit:a411fddbc629829c7010503e0c85ca274006b98d, #974). : Player stat "played" not representing actual completed games played. : Reload palette file after mod downloads. Remove: Prevent ability to change to smaller maps after hosting has started. AI: Change: Improvements to BoneCrusher! AI. Balance: Change: Make Scourge available at start in T3 (commit:ab9a5f3d5b861c84023df8cc3bc19ca548b61557, #999). Other: Add: Account for Repair/Demolish construction queue mid-way stopping (commit:588c84c9a42f9de8e841322468b9574c0d4a7811, #989). Add: macOS: Video sequences app bundle packaging.
3.4.008 Jul 2020 17:48 minor feature: #### 3.4.0 Highlights: - Graphics and UI improvements, including: fade effect when starting games, smoother mouse rotation, smoother zooming, interpolate frames in animation, occlude terrain ambiently - Add: Frontend "continue last save" option - Add: Quicksave feature - Add: Autosave feature - Add: Way to change most game settings with the in-game pause menu - Add: Shortcut to quit to main-menu after victory - Add: T4 technology level where all research is completed - Add: Randomization of game options button in skirmish/multiplayer games - Add: Add support for changing map, game name, and hosting player's name after already hosting - Add: Configuration of OpenAL-HRTF mode - Add: In-game notification widgets - Add: Keybinding configuration for camera pan - Add: Discord rich presence / join support - Add: Unit / kill count gui feature - Add: BoneCrusher! AI, Cobra AI, Nexus AI (ported from original) - Add: Right-click AI slot to quickly copy it to all other AI slots - Many translation improvements - Campaign bug fixes and balance adjustments - and too many other bug fixes to list