Warzone 2100 4.5.1

Command the forces of "The Project" in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles. The game offers a full campaign with optional (but strongly recommended!), videos, battle against four factions, multiplayer and single-player skirmish modes, and an extensive tech tree and a full unit designer. Multiplayer is also cross-platform - battle your friends with any OS, Windows, Linux or macOS, it all works seamlessly!

Tags real-time-strategy game c++ linux windows macos bsd
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

4.5.109 Jul 2024 06:45 minor bugfix: : General: : Various with special research topics, "give all" cheat. : Log failures preventing new terrain renderer use and warn user. : Display information for loading errors caused by mods. : Improve handling of mod loading failures. : wzapi: Avoid undefined behavior handling nan. : Various potential crashes. Campaign: : Propulsion stats in Classic balance. Multiplayer: : Various netplay log message state handling. : UPnP compatibility with certain routers. : Support auto lag kick for spectators in lobby. Change: GameStoryLogger: Log cheated var. Balance MP: Change: Reduce prices of certain defensive structures and buff some towers and hardpoints. Change: Adjust research cost of all defensive structures, except for artillery and bastions. Other: : Update autohost docs examples.
4.5.003 Jul 2024 18:25 major bugfix: : General: : Exclude retreating droids from formation speed limiting. : GameStoryLogger: Generate final frame. : missionMoveTransporterOffWorld: Clear additional state. : Only process structure group assignment if no droids are also selected. : Prevent artillery units under firesupport trying to ram targets. Campaign: Change: Some buffs for campaign weapons. Other: : Emscripten build info.
4.5.0-beta229 Jun 2024 10:45 minor bugfix: : General: : auxStructureNonblocking() for script-queued object removal. : Script map max tile height handling. : Improve checkReferences object destruction logging. : Prevent underflow in getMissionTime() calculation. : Additional checks for AI chooser handling. : Create un-versioned mods/campaign directory. : Clip difficulty modifiers to always at least be 1. : structure.json: Add support for new "baseStructDamageExpLevel" option. : Handling pause states, and guide screen pausing. : button on multimenu form. : Guide Topics: Use different designs for Sensor/Commander guide units to avoid spoilers. : Droid map visibility after returning to home base from fresh away mission saveload. : Check if inside scroll limits before repair/RTB. : Various potential crashes. Graphics: : Snap muzzle graphics rotation for invisible weapons. Campaign: Add: "PS1 Modifiers" campaign tweak option. Change: Move level loading codes into library. Multiplayer: : Silence certain spectator-related messages. : Send auto-kick messages as system messages. Change: GameStoryLogger: Add player identity to PlayerAttributes. Balance MP: Change: Revert 4.5.0-beta1 structure update for MP. Change: Decrease HP of Plasmite Flamer.
4.5.0-beta124 Jun 2024 09:45 minor feature: : General: Add: Emscripten support. Add: Alert the player to the Lassat being ready via text and audio cues. Add: Automatic assignment of units produced in factories to groups. Add: Add an in-game guide viewable in the escape menu and teaching the player fundamentals throughout the campaign; Various internal UI improvements; Add guide.js to libcampaign. Add: Formation speed-limiting. : Reset pitch on moving VTOLs after saveload. : Return to base/LZ when set to retreat at a health level without HQ or repair units/structures present. : Do not override saved camera position in skirmish saves. : Calculate weapon pitch from turret base to prevent wobbly effect on turret when very to target. : damage formula against structures and features incorrectly using Green rank damage reductions since v2.0.10. : fully armed VTOLs attached to sensors sitting down near former targets. : Various potential crashes. : Prevent scouting/patrol allowing CB droids observing something. : Prevent droidUpdateBuild() passing a negative buildRate to buildStructure(), causing allies to delete your buildings sometimes. : Prevent in-game menu saves changing the challenge score data with the wrong name. Thus not showing score on the challenge tip. : When upgrade change value is negative, use iDivFloor() to floor values. : research.json: Add support for new "calculationMode" option to avoid accumulated rounding errors. : Load saved research state before any droids or structures are loaded ing research attribute re-application for home map objects. : Prevent sudden tab jumping in the build menu when trucks start a new structure. : Enforce Weapon Pitch Limits + Weapon "Unlatching". : Improve functionality of favorite buildings. Change: Teleport units next to Nexus Links. Graphics: Add: Support for per pixel point lights. Add: Add ability to reload model textures at runtime in the deger. Add: Let trees cast shadows and improve tree models. Plant them better to the terrain.. Add: Add Collective/Nexus fa
4.4.230 Nov 2023 06:45 minor bugfix: : General: : Various potential crashes. : Clear active console messages when resuming from paused state. : Make sure VTOLs retreat to repair when attached to VTOL Strike/CB. Campaign: : Move a spawn position on Gamma 3. Multiplayer: : Do not split departing player research centers with team in non-shared research mode. Other: : Use std::make_ unique,shared instead of raw new.
4.4.121 Nov 2023 10:25 minor bugfix: : General: : Potential corrupt game config file. : Loading old maps with invalid map tile numbers. : Text input handling of virtual key codes, CTRL+V paste, and displaying virtual key names. : aiBestNearestTarget throttling. : Log spam for multi-weapon bodies. : Spawn position of first clone in clone cheat. : Bring back the 3 turret Ultimate Scavenger truck, Delay Ultimate Scavenger Helicopters a bit. : Always tell VTOLs to rearm after their VTOL Strike/CB sensor dies. : Check for non-default sensor/ecm stats like with repair. : Various crashes and memory leaks. Graphics: : Handling of MAX_VERTEX_OUTPUT_COMPONENTS on OpenGL 3.2. : Additional for fallback shaders, gfx_api logging. : OpenGL Additional error handling for init. : Model connectors for Ultimate Scavenger Helicopters. : DROID_PERSON model display size. Campaign: : Remove unused artifact label from Alpha 3. : Repair Facility ID on Alpha 9. : Command/Build reticule init for LDS_EXPAND_LIMBO missions. Multiplayer: Add: Chat Options UI, host mute / options. : Player mute state handling. : Non-builtin map replay desync. : Allow hosts to pre-configure all team slot choices. : Sort loading players by position. : Grey-out button for AI difficulty if not host. : Adjust how pending disconnects are handled. : Kick message appearing for map change. : Mod hashing. : Refactor NETallowJoining, add async join approval support. Other: : Clean-up undocumented (and unused) eventKeyPressed.
4.4.007 Nov 2023 03:16 major bugfix: : General: : Count units inside transporters for mission end results. : with intel map and saveload. : Improve the VTOL Strike / CB rearming behavior. : up functionality when transferring a structure via giftSingleStructure. : Use SDL physical key codes (scancodes) instead of SDL virtual key codes. : Prevent campaign difficulty influencing skirmish in-game saveload. : Various crashes and sanity checks. Graphics: Add: Add separate "Terrain Shading" quality setting. Change: Classic model for scavenger structures. : Various gfx_api / shadow tweaks, better first-run determination of settings. : Vulkan MSAA. : Tweak medium terrain shader to better match the previous shader. Campaign: Change: Obsolete some more tech in Gamma campaign. Change: Refine starting designs for Beta/Gamma 1. Multiplayer: Change: Allow demolishing departed ally structures. Balance MP: Change: Decrease Heavy Plasma Launcher effectivness against moving units, increase against stationary units and structures. Change: Allow transporters to gain bonuses from armor upgrades.
4.4.0-beta130 Oct 2023 07:25 minor feature: : General: Add: Allow challenges to save replays. Add: Add new repair droid suborder in the right-click menu to control if they accept retreating units--defaults to off. Add: Groups UI menu for group management. Add: Add UI Help Screen overlay. Change: Make artillery units gain commander bonuses, mimic the commander's orders, and take up slots in the commander's group. Change: Make sensors follow the Commander thresholds again for rank. Change: Increase minimum vertical ascension speed for slower VTOLs. Change: Allow EMP weapon subclasses to do actual damage, add new stat "empRadius" to determine the EMP effect area rather than using the splash radius as before. : Properly update obstacle maps for allies. : Show the appropriate ready text in a Challenge at the right time. : Do not blow up allied objects for the "get off my land" cheat. : Various crashes and sanity checks. : Preserve artillery weapon pitch after firing. : Add exclusion list for terrain type overrides for builtin maps. 3p-Monocot tile behavior. : Improve map hard-coded id handling, for save game queued droid orders. : Prevent droids from sometimes moving towards and ramming into targets. : indices of baked-earth and green-mud in the terrain table. : ing the suggested save names when trying to game the numbering system. : Allied repair not working. : Prevent repair units from highlighting their own commander. : Improve scrolling in high FPS situations. Graphics: Add: Initial instanced rendering support. Add: PIE format 4 and model level enhancements. Add: New terrain renderer: single pass, terrain normal mapping, classic terrain, + more!. Add: Initial support for multiple render passes / offscreen FBOs. Minimum requirements for WZ bumped up to OpenGL 3.0+ / OpenGL ES 3.0+. Add: Various terrain / lightmap improvements. Add: Add T and L shaped Nexus faction walls for MP. Add: Implement initial cascaded shadow mapping support. Add: Split iIMDShape, separate game state data from display data, + initial gr
4.3.517 Apr 2023 06:45 minor feature: : General: Add: Display kills and units in spectator stats UI. : "Get off my land" and "kill selected" cheats. : Don't assign trucks from factories to commanders. : Repairs: Reset secondary only after "go-to-rally-point" was triggered, separate RTR logic from RTR_SPECIFIED. : Various potential crashes and corrupt config. Graphics: : Properly render unit resistance bar. Multiplayer: Add: /hostmsg lobby chat prethat sends a message only to the host. Change: Add Heavy Rocket Array to all skirmish AIs. Change: Improvements to Nexus AI. : Desync with losing player-turned-spectator when certain defensive structures remain. Balance MP: Change: Slightly increase the build cost of Mortar1Mk1. Change: Return Tank Killer reloadTime from 160 - 180. Change: Increase HRA production time from 800 - 900. Other: : "kick identity" command should only kick, not ban.
4.3.427 Mar 2023 03:18 minor feature: : General: Add: A separate Ban/Kick activity, allow removing from ban list while running game, and for spectator mute. : Various potential crashes. : Let some older maps show up again in the map lists. : Always cancel research when starting it in another lab. : Persist Snap config data by using SNAP_USER_COMMON. Graphics: : missing sections on Tank Killer super cyborg. Campaign: Change: Gamma 4: Remove middle tank traps guarding team Alpha and remove the repair units to account for new repair micro-AI. Change: Always blow up walls and tank traps during Nexus transfers in campaign. Change: Improve difficulty differences on Gamma 9. Change: Make Alpha 1-3 missions flow a bit more smoothly; Increase player flamer ranges. Change: Make Gamma 1 easier by activating factories depending on what part of the valley you exit. Multiplayer: Add: Add lobby command: makeplayer. Add: Add a join message. : Do not truncate spectator labels. : Stop Mission Time and store it when the results screen pops up. : Preserve player identity on rename. Balance MP: Add: Add new Heavy Rocket Array weapon which depends on MRA and HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk2. Change: Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifier on bunkers 40 to 20 , Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifiers against Tracked 40 to 30 . Change: Make Heavy Repair Turret and Repair Facility appear at same time, improve facility repair speed by 10, and make light repair turret cost less and build faster. Change: Buff Plasmite Flamer HP to 125 to match the HP on Twin Assault Gun. Change: Move Pulse Laser to around Seraph Missile and drop Sensor Upgrade Mk3 requirement. Change: Increase costs on later MG research and on (Twin) Assault Gun. Change: Pull some Rocket damages in earlier, Reduce Tank Killer reload time to that of Lancer, Improve Rocket Pod long range accuracy to 50 from 45 . Change: Needle reload time matches the latest cannon weapons, nerf Super Rail g
4.3.302 Jan 2023 03:25 minor feature: : General: Add: Cursor scaling implemented. Change: Prevent loading old pre-4.x series saves to curb strange and invalid reports. : Various potential crashes. : Audio Improve stream buffer exhaustion handling to hopefully avoid occasional music resets. : Don't override orders with guard behavior when done repairing unless explicitly ordered to repair. : Load structure and droid limits before loading droids and structures. Remove: "Go Back buttons in options menu" due to causing keymapping instability. Graphics: Change: Make light/medium half-tracks a bit more distinct. Change: SDL backend Windows: Workaround for Nvidia threaded optimization. Campaign: Change: Rebalance FastPlay to better fit the new campaign balance. : Default initialize the NP artifact group waypoint on Alpha 11 so grabbing the artifact first won't interfere with their movement. : config file not storing the correct color variable when selecting a flag color in the options menu, thus reverting to green after level exit. Multiplayer: Change: Allow setting up to 20 research labs in the limits menu. : Attempt to improve slot/identity behavior. Balance MP: Change: Use a new set of experience thresholds for unit and commander ranks; Make EMP/Electronic weapon research depend on Command Turret Upgrade. Change: Reduce splash radius of the EMP Cannon to 1.5 tiles from 2 tiles. Change: Reduce build power of the little scourge cyborg to 233 from 250 and increase range by 1 tile. Change: Reduce Assault Cannon research time by about 1 minute, Twin Assault Cannon still appears at the same time. Change: Make Twin Assault Gun come earlier by about 1 minute so to appear before Twin Assault Cannon. Change: Push Whirlwind further back into the tech tree and depend on Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3 / move Depleted Uranium Bullets after Dense Composite Alloys Mk3. Other: Add: GitHub Actions Flatpak: Initial publishing support. Add: Attempt to create an overview document on micro-AI behavior. Change:
4.3.210 Nov 2022 03:18 minor bugfix: : General: : Various potential crashes. : Restoring window sometimes shows black screen in OpenGL mode. : Possible high CPU usage when minimizing window in Vulkan mode. : Default fullscreen dimensions should match the current resolution. : PNG files should take precedence over KTX2 files, to support mods. Graphics: : Missing top section on cyborg repair turret. : Update generic design tank. Balance MP: Change: Buff Flashlight for tanks, increase HP 100- 180 and add 1 tile of range 12- 13. Change: Reduce periodical damage on Incendiary Mortar 26-24. Change: Remove MGAA specific research, Whirlwind requires all MG ROF upgrades and Hurricane, AG and Hurricane need MG ROF2, MG ROF3 require Assault Gun. Change: Reduce price of Hellstorm from 450- 400 and weight from 20000- 10000, Pepperpot price reduced from 200- 175 and build time from 900- 800. Other: bit (x86) Windows build doesn't run on Windows 7.
4.3.0-beta324 Oct 2022 11:25 minor bugfix: : General: Add: "LOD Distance" Graphics option, to adjust texture sharpness at distance - set default to "High". : Nickname selection in lobby. : Cancel RTR when fully repaired, and there are no repair stations. : Build status for trucks in helping mode. : Various potential crashes. Graphics: : Keep aspect ratio for sequences in full screen. : Garbage first frame of video. : Auto-adjust menu item font size to better fit long strings. : Properly render multi-level structure models. : Faction model lookup for multi-level models. : Retribution body clipping into Hover propulsion. : Flicker with VTOL Assault Gun. : Returned and redesigned classic models for wheeled propulsion, light and medium half-tracks. : Update VTOL rearming pad model. : Tank factory model. : Combine propulsion models. : Add warning for outdated propulsion models in stats files. Other: : Always update the base.wz and mp.wz when building. : NSIS installer: Add warning when running ARM64 installer on x86/x64.
4.2.708 Mar 2022 10:25 minor bugfix: : General: : VTOLs occasionally land to attack. : VTOLs may attempt to "attack" when empty. : Optimum range not moving past long range when clicking a target.
4.2.421 Dec 2021 03:15 minor feature: : General: : Prebuilt ally gates not being passable. : Cleanup old log files. : Various crashes and resource leaks. Campaign: Change: Ignore VTOLs when a campaign enemy group unit can't hit them. Change: Better target selections by sorting targets relative to group average coordinate. Change: Add a time range to cam3-1 launch / detonate sounds. Change: Make the winning requirements for Beta-end more clear. Change: Make Gamma 5 a little more hectic on Hard / Insane difficulty. Multiplayer: Add: Additional lobby chat slash commands, cmdinterface event output. Change: Set default AI back to Nexus. Change: Make some AIs easier when using Easy difficulty. Change: Remove old Cobra Hard / Insane weapon perks. : Repeated game over message. : Add campaign Collective and Nexus structures back into mp stats file, ing old maps. Challenges: : Specify specific AIs for "Back to Basics" and "Hide Behind Me".
4.2.329 Nov 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : General: : Unable to demolish structures at full health. : Properly remove old QuickSave data when quick-saving. : Drop pending structures on first click. : Play buzz sound once per interval. : Ultimate Scavengers freeze on certain maps. : Improve OpenGL context cleanup on init failure. : Various crashes. Multiplayer: : Game doesn't end when autohosting if all players leave simultaneously.
4.2.223 Nov 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : General: Add: Multiplay Options menu. Add: Hotkey to "Select all land combat units, with health 50 , not assigned to any group". : Reject certain crashy OpenGL drivers, and fallback to other backends. : Handle exceptions creating Vulkan device. : Repairs Builders: Don't move needlessly. : Re-ordering construction units to build something shouldn't cancel it. : Don't reset attack range under commander. : Ignore rearm order when already rearming. : Don't show green overlay when impossible to build next module. : Don't show modules in build list when unable to build more buildings of that type. : Don't retreat repair turrets (RT) to other RT. : Improve resource cleanup on shutdown. : Prevent DIVIDE_BY_ZERO in displayBigSlider. : Various savegame / autosave. : Remove Command Relay structure requirement for Command Turret research. : Partial UI soft-lock with certain in-game menus. : Preserve ordering of sync msgs in MP; Factory set Hold Position. : Toggling demode in skirmish as spectator. : Ultimate Scavengers building an absurd amount of factories. Graphics: : Missing parts on the Nexus Link turret. AI: : Rip out mobile repair tactics from Cobra AI. Scripting: : Use constants instead of plain numbers. Multiplayer: Add: Add 7-player map "Thales". MP-Balance: Change: Adjust Heavy Plasma Launcher: Reduce damage 250 - 225, increase firePause 300 - 350, reduce periodical Damage Radius 128 - 64. Change: Adjust Incendiary Mortar: "researchPoints": 3600 - 4800, "researchPower": 112 - 150. Other: : pie_import to handle filepaths properly in Blender 2.9x.PIE plugin.
4.2.109 Nov 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : General: Add: Replay v2 format: Embed downloaded maps, store "end of game" info block. : Improve replay saving performance / behavior. : Handle frontend.img / intfac.img load failure explicitly. : updateChallenge() crash. : loadGame() crash if map load failed. : Various additional bounds checks error logging. : cursors_sdl: Null checks, cleanup order. : showUNITCOUNT should only apply to player slots. Graphics: : Further OpenGL init tweaks. Campaign: Change: Alpha 09 tweaks. Change: Alpha 06 NP reinforcement tweak. Change: Update a Nexus Resistance Circuit research item name. : Account for the transporter in campaign unit limit. Scripting: Add: Provide a native fractal value noise generator for use in map scripts. Multiplayer: Add: Add specstats button. Change: Host: Remember number of spectator slots in MP games. : Improve spectator lag / fast-forward behavior. : Do not reset ready status of players on spectator leave. : NetworkTextMessage::receive() crash. : ActivityManager: updateMultiplayGameData on MP replay load. : Revamp WZFiles cleanup. MP-Balance: Change: Rollback "ALL ROUNDER" damage value against "Legged", Increase the accuracy at long range of all MGs from 50 to 55. Change: Increase the weight of HVC, add 0.5 tiles range to HVC cyborg, and reduce ROF of these weapons. Change: Increase the research time "High Temperature Flamer Gel Mk3" so it is no longer included in "Advanced Base". Change: Faster Bombard and Pepperpot production, weaken Incendiary Mortar burn radius and damage, and earlier access to mortar accuracy research. Change: Required research for Howitzer: APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2 - Heavy Mortar - Bombard.
4.2.027 Oct 2021 03:15 major bugfix: : General: : Handle repair point choice better so it doesn't pick less than ideal ones. Add: --loadreplay command line option. Graphics: Add: Update Ultimate Scavengers button image. Campaign: Add: Increase oil drum power in Beta (150) and Gamma (200). : fastplay video not working since 4.2.0-beta2. : Prevent old transporter on Beta-end where it can come back and fail the player due to little time left to send it away again. Scripting: Change: Update JS documents. Multiplayer: Change: Display team chooser column at all times. Change: Make inactivityMinutes / idleTime configurable. : a desync in replays due to structure limits not being the same in the replay. : a crash/assert when players were transitioned to spectators. : order of players in specstats window. : Crash on autogame with spectator host. : Joining new game after quitting lobby with spectator host. : Client sends invalid command to host if autorating URL is enabled. : Spectator host autorating URL requests for all clients. : Unable to refresh lobby after being kicked. : Replay desync at start due to replay spectator. MP-Balance: Change: Reduced effectiveness of all-rounder weapons against cyborgs to 60 from 65 and make HMG come earlier. Change: Slightly increase Super Auto-Cannon Cyborgs damage. Other: : Mingw / Clang compile warning. : a potential chat related crash. : potential crash due to 0-sized decals VBO on maps without decals. : Crash if transporter is recycled. : Suppress and log wzDisplayDialog in headless mode. : wzapi::gameOverMessage: Trigger a graceful shutdown in autogame / headless mode.
4.2.0-beta217 Oct 2021 03:15 minor feature: : General: Add: Make selected structures and units blink on radar. Add: Power per second to power bar tooltip. : Command interface, documentation added. : Crash caused by crash-handling provider. : Always release sequence resources at shutdown. : Additional null checks. : Repair: Return to HQ as fallback. : Improve replay warning / error messages. : NETSendNPlayerInfoTo: Only assert when multiplay game in lobby. : Struct stats lookup maps tweaks / refactoring. : Add a missing break for attack orders. Campaign: Change: Decrease the player return LZ in Beta 08. Change: Add additional research messages for Nexus Resistance Circuits. Multiplayer: Change: Ignore allies' attack to determine activity. Change: Limit Ultimate Scavengers' Helicopter usage times on T1 technology. : Desync when moving to repair. : Don't load map preview twice for the host. Other: Change: Add video install information for Ubuntu in README.
4.2.0-beta110 Oct 2021 11:45 minor feature: : General: Add: Add Ultimate Scavengers to the game. Add: Implement remove from group shortcut. Add: Use a stable config directory for release builds. Change: First steps at moving savegame format totally to JSON--now converted the.gam file. Change: Return units to mobiles turrets randomize repair points. : orders from Commanders after loading saves. : Don't reveal artillery unless the CB tower is completely built. : sensors logic under commander so attaching them isn't useless. : Prevent lobby refresh and filter buttons from disappearing unless invalid data gets sent somehow. : Only play "assigned to commander" sound if group is not full. : Don't block ready status button when player clicks ready too fast. : Primary AA turret units not attacking things if the Secondary could, among other. : Improve ManufactureOptions/StatsButton clickability. Graphics: Change: Major revision to the Blender 2.9x pie addon. : OpenGL init resiliency. Campaign: Change: Update Beta 11 mission objectives in the Intel menu. Change: Increase default message duration times for campaigns. Change: Improve the Alpha 7 Intel objective text. Change: Update camBalance for Gamma. Campaign rebalance is basically complete. : Allow mission objectives to persist into offworld missions. Multiplayer: Add: Spectator slots for multiplayer games + replay functionality for skirmish/multiplayer. Add: Support non-0-index hostPlayer, configuring "spectatorHost" from autohost json. Add: Headless / autohost enhancements, spectator stats, lobby chat slash commands, netplay. Add: Add new random maps "DustyMaze": one 2-player and two 4-player maps. Change: Make lobby games scrollable. : double host exit screen. : Properly load ttypes.ttp for script maps so water is shown and more. Scripting: Add: Add a way for scripts to determine if games are a challenge. Change: Cleanup and improve JS API documentation. Balance: Change: Make Machineguns less powerful short-term but not as to weaken them long-term. Change: Make
4.1.310 Aug 2021 10:05 minor bugfix: : General: : clearLoadedMods(): Clear mod_hash_list. Graphics: : setBarGraphValue() divide-by-zero. : WIDGET::detach(): Check iterator before erasing. : IntMessageButton::getTip(): Add null-checks. Campaign: : Crash caused by saveMissionData(). Multiplayer: : order of players in alliances screen. Balance: Change: (Multiplayer) Reconstruct Howitzer branch and adjust artillery parameters. Change: (Multiplayer) Make Mantis more accessible. Change: (Multiplayer) Earlier access to Assault Gun, improve MG.
4.1.203 Aug 2021 03:16 minor bugfix: : General: : Various crash / cleanup. : Reduce log-spam. : Wrong names for HVC. : Don't deselect droids when pressing RMB over something. : Various memory leaks. : Do not play audio from assignments to commanders from other players. : When editing keymappings, ESC should unhighlight the selection. : Correct minimum OpenGL version check. Graphics: : Vulkan: Crash due to late release of graphics resources. : Statistics table overflow. : Various widget improvements. Campaign: : Add new Twin MG Tower to transitionTech.js, move the second Cannon damage upgrade back to Alpha 04. Multiplayer: : Map request logic improvements. Balance: Change: Additional editing of VTOL Rockets and Plasmite Bomb parameters.
4.1.126 Jul 2021 03:15 minor feature: : General: : chat cursor position. : Respect Hold Fire at will better. : Refresh order buttons on hotkey press. : Make other hotkeys override dehotkeys by default. Graphics: : structure limits screen lighting and hardcode sun position and lighting for 3D buttons. Change: Use faction models for UI buttons. Campaign: Add: Add a small delay for allowing video skipping. Change: Merge updates from camBalance to encompass mostly Beta campaign tweaks. : Do not show transport button in objective achieved screen. Multiplayer: : obsolescence of machine guns Technology. Balance: Change: Make Heavy Plasma Launcher more useful with an "all rounder" role and reduce price of Plasma Cannon significantly. Change: Tweak mortar research paths to decouple Bombard/Pepperpot from damage/ROF upgrades and Incendiary Mortar and reduce Pepperpot weight. Change: Rebalance HVC and HVC Cyborg to have more ROF and 1 tile less range. Change: Tweak accuracy and splash values on Sunburst and Cyclone anti-air weapons. Other: Add: Add weapon info into dewindow. Change: Replacing the abbreviation HPV for the Hyper Velocity Cannon with HVC.
4.1.005 Jul 2021 03:15 major bugfix: : General: Change: Move research upgrade code to C++ away from Javascript. May a late-game desync. : Prevent crash when resuming game from the Music Manager. : vtol collision with ground units. : updating certain key mappings making the keys unusable. : Update unit speed when researching engine upgrades and when reloading saves. : Stop heavy CPU usage on the Intelligence map. Graphics: : floating turrets on Heavy Plasma Launcher and Tornado Flak. : and show various muzzle flash effects for Gauss, laser, and all kinds of weapons. : Normalmapping of 3D models in menus / buttons. Campaign: Add: Add warning when selecting Insane campaign difficulty. Multiplayer: : Don't incorporate ally losses into enemy kill count. : Improve handling of corrupt map archives / delete partially downloaded map files. : Implement editbox placeholder for password box and can set password by clicking icon. Scripting: : Prevent a crash if passing in no turrets to a few API functions. AI: : General improvements to Cobra AI / accounts for new balance changes. Balance: Change: Make the Heavy Repair Turret come earlier. Change: Weaken the VTOL rail weapons so they aren't overpowered. Change: Balance and move EMP weapons to come earlier. Change: Increase cost/buildtime of Howitzers and Archangel Missiles. Change: Balance VTOL Lancer-line to be less overpowered and remove splash damage from Hyper Velocity Cannons. Change: Make Leopard and Panther have higher engine power output thus move faster with more weapons. Other: : Make "help us translate" message translatable.
4.1.0-beta119 Jun 2021 14:05 minor feature: : General: Add: New design menu stats delta system. Add: Add a single player quit confirmation screen. Add: Allow building modules/derricks in a row (with drag build). Add: Provide a self-contained map loading library that can be used by outside tools. Add: Allow scrollable menu options. Add: Add support for binding same keys to multiple actions in non-conflicting contexts. Add: Add selection without group hotkeys. Change: Allow assigning key bindings to mouse keys / huge keymapping refactor. Change: Move the whole group to the target location, not only the command droid. : Refresh tooltips every 500 milliseconds. : crash if dead object is in a widget menu. : droid health values sometimes restored to maximum after loading saves. : Do not handle RMB click while panning the camera. : unclosable panels and flicker when using the Intelligence map and Design menus. : Clean up option menus that are open when a host quits to prevent softlocks. Graphics: Change: Use a single-component texture for the tcmask. Change: OpenGL Provide GL_R8 fallback for OpenGL 3.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0. Change: Use a single-component texture for specular maps. : fog and add menu option to toggle it. Campaign: : Set transporter speed to zero when moving to away mission maps to prevent flying backwards. Multiplayer: Change: Revision of some visual effects to distinguish kinetic and thermal weapons better. Add: Chat messages when players vote. Scripting: : for uninitialized values in labels. Balance: Add: Balance and add Heavy Plasma Launcher to multiplayer. Change: Revamp multiplayer anti-aircraft weapons and add Tornado Flak cannon. Change: Campaign rebalance aka "camBalance" merged. Change: Make howitzers less overpowered / rework mortar and howitzer tech tree. Change: Wide Spectrum Sensor production and cost. Change: Improved combat parameters of weak VTOL weapons and removed obsolete. Change: Improving the parameters of the obsolete Super Auto-Cannon Cyborg. Change: Moving the obsolete Twin
4.0.119 Apr 2021 06:45 minor bugfix: General: : broken map zoom cycle and repair bad config settings for some numerical cycle options. : Improve water performance. : Prevent crash related to flag/rally point positions already existing. Graphics: Add: Additional Collective faction textures. Multiplayer: Change: Change multiplayer super transporter research icon to show a tank in the corner rather than a cyborg. Change: Some improvements to 6c-Entropy for easier modding. : Reset ready status in lobby when a player leaves. : incorrect player positioning in procedurally generated maps. : skirmish power modifier after saveload. AI: : AI messages wrongly targeting players. Balance: Change: Start splash damage at the center of intended droid targets and increase splash radii of such weapons. Other: Add: Add config option to toggle autosave feature. : macOS ARM64 / Apple Silicon builds (SDL2 cross-compiling ). : Don't crash when closing the game if the music manager is open in the main menu.
4.0.001 Mar 2021 03:15 major feature: General: Add: Tweak build and line build to allow diagonal building and more (commit:4b99c8f20f0c202b5b2bc797580f2a8b32361db4, commit:337103224cdb69262938b5614c0e972de87b4baa, commit:95cf4a8fe90752df809f19d5fc3537d4cec520a2, commit:b72b642757117cd11fb91b06fa39fbb3a774a51d, #996). Add: Add "Add to group #" keyboard shortcuts. Add: Add hardban list. Add: Add Hotkey to rotate building during placement. Add: Add indicator for unused derricks. Add: Add configuration directory link to Options menu. Add: Add Music Manager menu / in-game options. Add: Add additional info to the pause screen to improve user experience. Add: Improvements to multiplayer lobby widgets / screens. Add: Bring back screen shake option. Add: Support "Desktop Fullscreen" window mode, better switching. Add: Savegames now have suggestions. Add: Add "Go Back" to in-game pause menu and submenus. Add: Implement research cycle detection. Change: Lower threshold for automatic firing against blocking walls to 33 damage minimum. Change: weird cyborg names. Change: Remove radar jump bounce / camera code cleanup. Change: Use buffered file writing for binary save game files to speed up save times. Change: Load terrain textures earlier during game init for better load performance. Change: Show research names instead of "research completed" in the console. Change: Widget improvements, Replace Qt-based Script Deger window. : Remove hard-coded limit on number of tiles seen by objects (commit:a115e05813a613185deab8a55c640d3e7afa495c, #986). : initial delivery point, droid orientation and puff effect for rotated factories. : Next building hotkeys improvements. : droid stacking from factories if using hold orders, for example. : crash when loading challenge saves from the in-game menu. : Improve droid transfer function. : Use voice volume setting for intel button sounds. : Map Zoom config option cycle. : Continue Last Save always
3.4.120 Jul 2020 03:15 minor bugfix: General: : Zoom speed tied to game speed (commit:22a7855b4ca5262f75b48625ea1a2fd14e6e3d2d, #939). : Chatbox text drawn over tooltips (commit:605969d3196d56d7fbcc9057b776d168630a9634, #965). : End game stat bars having an off by one error (commit:ef02b1256619e15b0b08a7d8fbe36b4a60994204, #973). : Improve keymap default logic (commit:79518b0b19396c48ffc607183353dbe252578291, commit:8d764e53c31909f12d46ab8194d64be460988618, #977). : Chatbox related softlock (commit:a12b1a9cf305054317630664492dc8816acefada, #978). : simple keybinds not firing when a meta key is held down (commit:92979bab768e0fba7666c944883885017e8ddcc8, #993). : Refund factory power better with queued templates (commit:43b48a7a8552615787a07ee808a9693e0f8bf7b7, #990). : Minimized/occluded window causing a huge spike in CPU activity on macOS due to vsync. : Prevent softlock when opening reticule menus while keymap is open in multiplayer. Campaign: Change: Victory condition "eliminate bases" now triggers a last attack from the AI like the other conditions do (commit:215f6f255621138b745ef364052d2890282f41f0, #988). : Failing at the start of cam3-c if no trucks were present at the end of the cam3-1 mission. Multiplayer: : Changing flag color should not reset ready status (commit:cd1c0be79a6698d8db6e2110a8899239e08e9a91, #966). : map preview sticking to kicked players (commit:a411fddbc629829c7010503e0c85ca274006b98d, #974). : Player stat "played" not representing actual completed games played. : Reload palette file after mod downloads. Remove: Prevent ability to change to smaller maps after hosting has started. AI: Change: Improvements to BoneCrusher! AI. Balance: Change: Make Scourge available at start in T3 (commit:ab9a5f3d5b861c84023df8cc3bc19ca548b61557, #999). Other: Add: Account for Repair/Demolish construction queue mid-way stopping (commit:588c84c9a42f9de8e841322468b9574c0d4a7811, #989). Add: macOS: Video sequences app bundle packaging.
3.4.008 Jul 2020 17:48 minor feature: #### 3.4.0 Highlights: - Graphics and UI improvements, including: fade effect when starting games, smoother mouse rotation, smoother zooming, interpolate frames in animation, occlude terrain ambiently - Add: Frontend "continue last save" option - Add: Quicksave feature - Add: Autosave feature - Add: Way to change most game settings with the in-game pause menu - Add: Shortcut to quit to main-menu after victory - Add: T4 technology level where all research is completed - Add: Randomization of game options button in skirmish/multiplayer games - Add: Add support for changing map, game name, and hosting player's name after already hosting - Add: Configuration of OpenAL-HRTF mode - Add: In-game notification widgets - Add: Keybinding configuration for camera pan - Add: Discord rich presence / join support - Add: Unit / kill count gui feature - Add: BoneCrusher! AI, Cobra AI, Nexus AI (ported from original) - Add: Right-click AI slot to quickly copy it to all other AI slots - Many translation improvements - Campaign bug fixes and balance adjustments - and too many other bug fixes to list