Docker 17.04.0-ce 💾

Docker is an open platform for distributing software application in containers. It utilizes operating system-level virtualization for process and full resource isolation through cgroups, capabilities, SELinux, AppArmor, netfilter, and Linux kernel namespaces. Its libcontainer is based on libvirt and lxc. Docker Engine is the application and environment packaging tool. And Docker Hub is a cloud service for sharing prepackaged containers.

minor feature: Builder: Disable container logging for build containers. use of `/` in `.dockerignore`. Client: Sort `docker stack ls` by name. Flags for specifying bind mount consistency. Output of docker CLI --help is now wrapped to the terminal width. Suppress image digest in docker ps. Hide command options that are related to Windows. `docker plugin install` prompt to accept "enter" for the "N" default. Add `truncate` function for Go templates. Support expanded syntax of ports in `stack deploy`. Support expanded syntax of mounts in `stack deploy`. Add `--add-host` for docker build. Add `.CreatedAt` placeholder for `docker network ls --format`. Update order of `--secret-rm` and `--secret-add`. Add `--filter enabled=true` for `docker plugin ls`. Add `--format` to `docker service ls`. Add `publish` and `expose` filter for `docker ps --filter`. Support multiple service IDs on `docker service ps`. Allow swarm join with `--availability=drain`. Docker inspect now shows "docker-default" when AppArmor is enabled and no other profile was defined. Logging: Implement optional ring buffer for container logs. Add `--log-opt awslogs-create-group=` for awslogs (CloudWatch) to support creation of log groups as needed. segfault when using the gcplogs logging driver with a "static" binary. Networking: Check parameter `--ip`, `--ip6` and `--link-local-ip` in `docker network connect`. Added support for `dns-search`. Added --verbose option for docker network inspect to show task details from all swarm nodes. Clear stale datapath encryption states when joining the cluster docker/libnetwork#1354. Ensure iptables initialization only happens once docker/libnetwork#1676. bad order of iptables filter rules docker/libnetwork#961. Add anonymous container alias to service record on attachable network docker/libnetwork#1651. Support for `` driver label docker/libnetwork#1667. Improve network list performance by omitting ne

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Loci 0.4.3

Loci runs CI tests locally to make sure your commits will pass such tests before pushing remote repository.

dry 0.4-beta.1

dry is terminal application to manage Docker containers and images. It aims to be used as an alternative to the official Docker CLI when a lot of interactions with containers and images need to be done and to continuously monitor Docker containers from a terminal.


VirtKick is a simple virtual machine and docker container manager. It provides a VPS orchestration web dashboard, based on Ruby Middleman, and a backend with a JSON API to libvirt/KVM. Virtual machines can be run across a local network of servers.