Dagri 1.6

For people who do not like classical spreadsheets, but need an office tool for tables: With Dagri you can build up tables and save data within. While a spreadsheet uses one single table layout, Dagri can use many tables with different layouts on one sheet. And it gives you more focus on your data. The intention is not another spreadsheet, but something new instead: a data grid application.

Tags office spreadsheet utilities tcl win32 x11 tk windows cross-plattform bsd linux end-users
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

1.608 Apr 2020 14:17 documentation: updated documentation regarding contact, webpage, and installation on Debian systems
1.504 Jan 2018 07:46 minor feature: modifications for modern environments just as for Window Maker and Microsoft Windows (binaries available), minor enhancements on the documentation
1.422 Dec 2017 09:57 minor feature: Modificationd for FreeBSD, code cleanup, wording
1.312 Jan 2017 08:02 minor feature: