GNU Dr. Geo 19.06

GNU Dr. Geo, a libre software to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches. Its aim is to be an open, easy to study, modify and extend interactive geometry software. Distributed with its source code it is modify-me-ready.

Tags education cross-platform smalltalk mathematics
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

19.0610 Jun 2019 17:35 major feature: - New features - Bug fixes - Update French books
190610 Jun 2019 17:35 major feature: - New features - Bug fixes - Update French books
190328 Feb 2019 09:10 major feature: - Newer virtual machines - New features - Lots of bug fixes
18.0624 Jun 2018 07:50 major feature: - Dedicated Script browser - Inspector on Smalltalk Sketch - Positioning zoom - Unit tests based on Smalltalk sketch - Lan share - Graphic user interface theme - Fullscreen option - Lots of bug fixes
17.0705 Jun 2017 15:54 minor feature:
16.1010 Sep 2016 13:31 major feature: Bugs fixes French programming API for French speaking kids!
16.0325 Mar 2016 05:47 major feature: Bugs fixes New features New translations
15.1206 Dec 2015 20:22 major feature: Optimisations Bugs fixes New features New translations
15.0929 Aug 2015 16:19 major feature: user interface improvements bugs fixes new translations
15.0716 Jun 2015 16:11 major feature: User interface can be customized Text characters size can be modified Various bugs fix
15.0431 Mar 2015 15:01 major feature: - Open a sketch by drag and drop of the .fgeo file in the Dr. Geo space. - Option per item to reduce feedback noise. - Make ox and ox axes independent to the grid - Extend the settings browser to propose user preferred style - Fixes in the file handler and the script system (avoid error when a script is load several time in the system)
14.12b13 Dec 2014 14:07 major feature: Fix a startup problem under Mac OS X. Updated Korean and Spanish translations.
14.1210 Dec 2014 13:30 major feature: The important change in this release is the redesign of the script system: - script becomes first class citizen, understand defined as a Smalltalk class; script calculus/side effect is defined in the #compute method, - when building a script, the user first dictates the expected argument types, - when using a script, only objects matching these argument types are selectable, - the argument sent to a script instance are of type Costume, those from a script you can modify the visual property of the arguments (i.e. objects in the sketch), - A script menu is now present to quickly use a script (as for macro-construction) - the script system is incompatible with the previous one, sketch using script need to be rewritten.
14.1017 Sep 2014 15:14 major bugfix: * Saving a session with a bitmap on canvas crash at startup * Unexpected UI dialog in Smalltalk Sketch * Setter for free value item * No free text for Smalltalk sketch * Missing * Script in the side bar hierarchy tree * Sketch exported as bitmap are not nice * Sampling rate not optimal * Unused attribute in DrGeoPresenter * Get back the rolling update
14.0729 Jul 2014 04:13 major feature: Dr. Geo canvas ported to the Athens anti aliased graphic canvas