FontForge 20150228

FontForge is a powerful outline font editor supporting many font formats (SFD, UFO, TTF, TTC, OTF, PS1, TeX, X11 OTB, BDF, FON, FNT, WOFF and SVG). It provides scripting and Python bindings to automate some tasks and conversions, even some command-line utilization, OpenType feature specs, mathematical typesetting extensions, utilize FreeType, Cairo and Pango for anti-aliased rendering, or Potrace/Autotrace for bitmap vectorization. It runs on Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. FontForge is mostly 3-clause BSDL covered, but build/make files and minor libraries included collectively under the GNU GPLv3.

Tags c font editor font-editor outline truetype opentype tex cross-platform x11 win32 macosx
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2015022812 Mar 2015 14:05 minor feature: This release fixes a few small problems and crashes and adds support for fine point adjustment.
2014112627 Nov 2014 21:25 major bugfix: A large number of bugs were fixed. Enhanced support for using native UFO (Unified Font Object) data structures. This release also adds theming support for many user interface parameters.