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JDollar is a programming language with C/C++ ,CDOLLAR, and Advanced OOPS, Behave like C/C++ OOPS, Networking, RUN and compile at same time,used in SoftwareDevelopment and cloud computing , Research, and ,have Advanced OOPs concepts. It is invented by wilmix jemin j at year 2013. JDollar is Ranked as Z' , ie) Most Advanced ,powerful, wide, SKY programming language. JDOLLAR(J$) IS less interactive , advanced Technology used for constructing OS , compilers and used in cloud computing. And JDollar(J$) is the World NO:1 technology , it should be a common technology for all. JDollar uses JXML Which reduces the need of more HTML coding.

Tags programming-language c++ jvm software-development jdollar compiler
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 02:32 major feature: Advantages: ----------- 1. It is mainly used in OS DESIGN, Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Compilers design,AI, mobility,etc. 2. It is used to develop any OS or compiler with in 2 days or 1 day. 3. It is an interactive or friendly Technology. 4. JWP is used as an webpage in cloud computing. 5. JWP behaves like AJAX. 6. It is used in webdesign and utilities design. 7. IT is also used for secure purpose , so it is said to be secure technology when used with WDBAJ . 8. It is an User Friendly Technology. 9. It is also used in GUI design like JAVA SWING and JAVA APPLET. 10. It also support webservice. 11. It is used in Advanced Businesss. 12. It is used in banking , Insurance with cloud computing for eg) Cloud banking and cloud insurance 13. It also used for complicated projects . 14. It optimize the user code , saves time , and cost. 15. It has good attractive syntax. 16. JWP server can be run easily and saves time and cost. 17. It allows multiple submits on server page without any framework. 18. J EE have features like CMP,BMP, ASync like JAVA J2ee concepts. 19. Used JAUF framework for Quick MVC design and thus saves time and cost.20. It also function like servlet and jsp. 21. It is used in constructing Games. 22. It comes with JWEJ Editor.22. Jdollar also used to create beautiful Forms, bills, and reports and provides good security to websites.23. It generates class and form data files which is not undestood by hackers..which can be carried for further use at any Jdollar program located any where.24. JDollar uses userfriendly JXML and upto 150 advantages