JWEBv.1 1.0.1

JDollar(J$) is otherwise known as JWEB is a Programming Language which is invented by wilmix jemin j. JDOLLAR(J$) is an interactive , System programming, OOPS, Multipurpose, Advanced Technology focused on remote webapplications, web and GUI development". JWEB means JDollar Wilmix for External Business. JDollar(JWEB) is based on oops concepts.

Tags jwebv-1 jdollar programming-language c++ c chdollar jvm remotewebappilcation compiler
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.0.122 Mar 2017 10:13 major feature: 12 pillars are added in JWEB(JDollar) they are given below.. JDollar has 12 pillars a) CDOLLAR-JDOLLAR b) GDOLLAR c) JSTAR e) JDOLLAR-JAVA f) JAVA1.0 with 25 modules g) Advanced Business h) JDollar part2 g) JDollarv.1 about Domains like insurance,banking ,etc. h) JDOLLARMODULE9 with DOTNET interaction. i) JDollar -JDollarv.4 j) JDollar -CJAVA k) JDollar-part3