SQLiteStudio 3.2.1

SQLiteStudio is an intuitve SQLite 2.x and 3.x database management tool. It comes ready to use in a single executable, is cross-platform using the Qt toolkit (the previous Tcl/Tk implementation was just as pretty), its interface available in various translations. It allows editing database content and schemes, views and triggers with syntax checks; and can export into various serialization formats, and provides for plugins and scripting capabilities.

Tags c++ qt sqlite database-management ide tcl
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

3.2.130 Jul 2018 10:45 minor bugfix: : #3399 start under Linux using the pre-compiled binary distributions (it used to fail due to missing xcb dependency). : #3398 'export data' checkbox in export dialog to not ignore it anymore. : Binary packages now include the MultiEditorImage plugin, which introduces the picture preview for BLOB values. It was introduced in 3.2.0, but missing in binary distributions.
3.2.026 Jul 2018 03:17 major bugfix: NEW : #3188 New plugin to have images stored in database being visible as another tab in the Form View or cell's editor dialog window. NEW : #3207 #1444 #2547 Export, Import Populate dialog settings are remembered, even after application restart. NEW : #3268 Query bind parameters are now supported by the query editor while execution - user will be asked for values for these parameters in a dedicated dialog. NEW : #3267 Added Extension Manager window, where all SQLite extensions can be registered for loading into databases. NEW : #3161 Added support for table-valued functions (https://sqlite.org/vtab.html#tabfunc2). NEW : #3349 Added support for UPSERT syntax from SQLite 3.24.0. NEW : #3292 Added possibility to execute huge SQL files directly from disk, without loading them to SQL Editor. NEW : #3265 Completely new installer for SQLiteStudio is introduced. It bases on Qt Installer Framework. This addresses numerous with automatic updates that SQLiteStudio had. It also allows for some new features, like automatic file association under Windows. Portable (download run, without installation) distribution continues to be available. NEW : #2659 AutoIncrement option is now always available in PK configuration dialog. When AutoIncrement is enabled, a datatype will be enforced to INTEGER type. NEW : #2798 Added filter inputs per column as an option. NEW : #3224 Added context menu for SQL history tab to delete individual (or a range of selected) entries. Also a "delete" key can be used. NEW : #2651 Only a single instance of SQLiteStudio can be running at the time. If another instance is requested, the first one will be brought to the front of windows stack. If another instance was requested due to associated file being open, then the first instance will not only be raised, but also the requested file will be added to database list as temporary, volatile database (not added
3.1.103 Nov 2016 23:05 minor bugfix: ADDED : WxSQLite3 plugin (with encryption support). ADDED : System.Data.SQLite plugin (ADO.NET, includes encryption support). ADDED : Support for "Row Value" introduced in SQLite 3.15.0. ADDED : New option in configuration dialog to decide whether you want to keep NULL values when entering empty strings in cells (new, more intuitive behavior), or overwrite NULLs with empty string values (as it used to be so far). ADDED : Editor window has now "Find" and "Replace" toolbar buttons for those functions (which were already there, available under shortcuts). ADDED : New built-in functions: import(), import_formats(), import_options() and charset(). All described on SQLiteStudio's wiki (at User Manual page). ADDED : #3106 ScriptingTcl has now "tcl_init" command to invoke full interpreter initialization, which creates clock commands and some others. It's not invoked automatically to avoid performane. ADDED : #3136 Added "--master-config" command line option to have a settings file (regular SQLiteStudio config file) that all running SQLiteStudio instances import settings from. More details in manual on wiki page. ADDED : #3127 Added 'select all' and 'deselect all' buttons in tigger's UPDATE OF columns dialog. CHANGE : #3135 Re-enabled possibility to database list panel (and reopen it from the View menu entry). CHANGE : #2901 Automatically generated database name includes full file name, except for the file extension only (unlike before, when it took only a file name up to the first dot). CHANGE : #3140 The "generate name automatically" checkbox has been removed. Now the name is generated automatically by default, unless user starts to edit the name manually. : #3118 #3124 #2943 double precision numbers formatting. : DbAndroid plugin: 'adb' automatic detection under Linux. : #3126 #3092 problem with database versions in Android plugin. : #3155 crash when confiriming custom FK value with Enter key. : #3094 #3095 default FK value preselection when tabbing thr
3.1.011 Jun 2016 06:45 major bugfix: ADDED : SQLCipher plugin is now free, open source and distributed together with other standard plugins. ADDED : #2963 Indexed expressions for CREATE INDEX statements (introduced in SQLite 3.9) are now supported and can be edited in Index Dialog. ADDED : View window now supports explicit column names for the view (introduced in SQLite 3.9). ADDED : #3056 #3063 Implemented index column ordering in index dialog. ADDED : Added shortcut (Ctrl+/ by default) to toggle comment of current line or selected block of code (if any) in SQL editor. ADDED : #3040 Added new entry in context menu of data grid to generate SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement together with WHERE clause containing IN conditions for selected cells. ADDED : Added new entry in context menu of database list to generate queries like in #3040 for selected table. ADDED : #2975 Information message after successful table/view change. ADDED : Introduced "loadByDefault" property for plugin descriptor files. ADDED : Added options to have "Data" tab placed as a first tab for Table windows and for View windows. By default option is disabled, so by default nothing changes. ADDED : Added option in configuration dialog to avoid reopening status panel for each message printed there. ADDED : Added option in configuration dialog to prevent displaying tooltips over data view when user holds mouse over it. ADDED : #3070 Added option in configuration dialog to have new databases marked as not permanent by default. ADDED : #3070 Added option in configuration dialog to bypass database dialog completely when dropping file from file manager onto database list. ADDED : #3013 When double clicking on empty space in list of indexes or tables (in table or view window) the action is not ignored, but a dialog opens for adding new item. CHANGE : DbAndroid plugin has now JAR file embedded and you can get it from Tools menu. CHANGE : SQLite version updated to 3.13.0. CHANGE : Qt version updated to 5.6.0. Should still com
3.0.725 Nov 2015 03:25 minor bugfix: ADDED : #2951 Implemented dropdown value picking for foreign key columns in grid view. ADDED : Context menu entry to go to row in referenced table by current foreign key cell value. : #2875 font misconfiguration after Qt update. : #2879 View updating after table modification, when view uses SELECT with table alias same as table name. : #2885 tokens parsing, causing random problems, such as incorrect formatting performed by the simple formatter. : preventing of setting null or empty value on query results that don't come directly from table. : duplicates while copying mupltiple lines from status field.
3.0.612 May 2015 03:15 bugfix: ADDED : Option to configure whether bottom dock area (with status field) should extend to left border, or should it leave space for database list. * ADDED : Introduced "compact layout" as an option to minimize all margins on the interface. * ADDED : CSS console for SQLiteStudio (under F11 key) to allow customizing all aspects UI look and feel at a low level. * ADDED : The 'Save SQL' action in SQL editor now uses the same file if repeated, unless user picks 'select file to save' from drop-down menu. * ADDED : Added option to select where to position the new inserted row - above/below selected row, or at the end of data view. * CHANGE : Database list is by default from top to bottom, making the status field placed next to the database list, instead of being below it. * BUGFIX : Fixed 'rows affected' counter when using transactions and executing everything at once. * BUGFIX : Fixed importing from CSV with empty (NULL) values in last column of last data row. * BUGFIX : Allow ' ' character as a part of an identifier. * BUGFIX : Fixed crash when executing query on a database after just removed other database from the list. * BUGFIX : Fixed not working updates manual checking if automatic checking was disabled. * BUGFIX : Fixed config dialog to honor DbTree presentation options (sorting, labels) immediately, no manual refreshing required. * BUGFIX : Fixed loading SQL scripts into editor when using Chinese language. * BUGFIX : Automatic updates are now enabled only for portable build and are disabled by default for other builds. * BUGFIX : Fixed support for "ISNULL" in query execution. * BUGFIX : Fixed synchronization bug in DbSqlite2 plugin causing random crashes. * BUGFIX : Views are recreated after table modification only if they really need to be updated according to the table change. * BUGFIX : Fixed querying selects with numerous sub
3.0.517 Apr 2015 03:15 feature bugfix: ADDED : Ported 'Erase table data' feature (in table's context menu) from version 2.1.5. * CHANGE : Data view has now a 'cover' with progress bar when commiting more changes at once. This eliminates weird GUI freeze when commiting lots of new/deleted rows. * CHANGE : Populate dialog has now progress bar when working. * CHANGE : Enhanced SQL formatter to format CREATE TRIGGER statements in a bit more readable way. * BUGFIX : Fixed outstanding bug causing database file to be deleted if a user tried "Test connection" on the database under Windows. * BUGFIX : Fixed crash when closing Populate Dialog while populating was in progress. * BUGFIX : Fixed warning messages when there was a problem with restoring windows from last session. A message contains now window name that caused problem. * BUGFIX : Closing database list made impossible. * BUGFIX : Fixed support for DEFERRABLE (and related) keywords in foreign keys. * BUGFIX : Release a file after import. * BUGFIX : Fixed bug in SQL formatter causing 'expr ISNULL' expressions to disappear. * BUGFIX : Removed './lib' form rpath for linux non-portable compilation. * BUGFIX : Removed termcap dependency, as it was deprecated and no longer required.
3.0.323 Feb 2015 11:25 major bugfix: Added visual validation indicators to DbDialog, so user is informed why the "Ok" button is disabled at the moment. Russian translation. French translation. Added SQLite 3 version used by application in the Environment tab of the About dialog. Language translations located in a separate directory have now higher precedense, than translations compiled in, so it's possible to test updated translations "on the fly". Fixed support for "function" in Enterprise formatter. Fixed parsing TEMP and IF NOT EXISTS in CREATE TABLE statement. Fixed error checking for recurrent expression with LIKE/GLOB operator in it. Switched error message from simple method error to smart method error in QueryExecutor to avoid misleading messages. Fixed marking "unique" in index dialog when opening existing unique index. Fixed int64 rounding problem. Fixed NOT NULL dialog in column dialog, so it doesn't convert to UNIQUE. Fixed possibility of adding 2 same databases to the list. Fixed copying values from Environment tab of the About dialog. Fixed handling triggers in foreign tables, triggers referencing table in its subqueries, etc. Fixed executing SELECT in SQLite2 for columns that need wrapping. Fixed editing data for tables transparently attached in the SQL query. Fixed Shortcut titles translation in configuration dialog. Fixed aggregate functions, so initial and final codes are executed, not only the per-step code. Portable configuration directory can now be either in the running directory, or in applications directory. It's auto-detected. Optimized loading huge data sets into data grid. It's faster and the progress bar acts more smoothly. Shortcut for closing current window is now displayed in the context menu for taskbar. Skip first line" option in CSV import renamed to "First line represents CSV columns". Maybe this time it won't confused anyone.
3.0.229 Jan 2015 03:16 feature bugfix: Full support for the interface translations. Polish translation. 219, #2711 Reset autoincrement feature to context menu of table and to structure toolbar in table window. 2715 Added "rows affected" to the execution result message for INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE queries. Fixed deleting column from table that is the only column covered by an index or an "UPDATE OF" trigger. 2703 Fixed compilation errors on GCC 4.9. 2707 Fixed crash when importing CSV file with empty value for last column. Valid objects in SQL editor are now highlighted and are Ctrl+clickable . Fixed invalid 'modified' status when focusing out NumberMultiEditor in FormView, resulting in uncommited change on FormView, even there was no change. 2698 Fixed double precision numbers displaying in the Grid View. 2696 Fixed handling foreign keys when the main table was not renamed, just columns changed. 2713 Fixed foreign key actions in Foreign Key dialog, so they are no longer the same for ON UPDATE and ON DELETE, even they were configured differently. 2715 Fixed storing rows affected/selected in SQL Editor history . Main window toolbar is updated after creating/deleting database objects . 2722 Fixed crash when exporting database without data. 2727 Fixed error message when calling SELECT with table from attached database and selecting invalid column - message was misleading. 2728, #2729 Fixed DEFAULT constraint dialog, so 1) it works when creating first column for new table, 2) it allows a single word as a default value, even the word is not an explicit string. 2697 Fixed data populate dialog. 2731 Fixed problem with attached databases not detaching after transparent attach in cross-database queries. 2734 Fixed code assistant crash in Trigger Dialog. 2721 Fixed initial selection of database in SQL Editor window, so it's set to the database currently selected in databases list on the left. 2721 Added database name to error message when the SQL query execution failed. 2718 Checkbox in CSV import plugin renamed to "S
3.0.129 Dec 2014 14:15 minor bugfix: When the data is being read into the Gird View, columns width gets automatically adjusted, so for small values they are shrinked and for bigger values they're enlarged, but never above the configured limit (a new option in config dialog). Implemented support for immediate editing of rows just added to the WITHOUT ROWID tables (previously the manual refresh of data view was required). Fixed support for expressions as DEFAULT value in table. Fixed support under Windows for running portable distribution, while having different version of Qt installed in the system (added the qt.conf file).
2.1.501 Jul 2014 03:35 major bugfix: Crashes for triggers on a view have been fixed. CSV exports no longer exhibit double escaping.