JDOLLARPART2 is called as (JD2E) is used for cloudcomputing . JDOLLARPART2 is called as (JD2E) consists of frameworks and latest technology of JDollar. It is mainly used in cloud computing.. JDOLLARPART2 is called as (JD2E) (JDollar 2nd Edition). JDollar has userfriendly framework called as JAUF. All Latest Technologies and Framework of JDollar is invented by wilmix jemin j at year 2015 JDollar has latest technologies like JC , Jeb, JShell, JSync

major feature: THE LIST OF Latest technologies with Merits 1) JEEJ - used for enterprise 2) JSHELL framework - used with linux 3) JSYNC - Async enterprise Programming used with JEEJ of J . 4) Odollar Framework - Simillar to Jdk1.7 features 5)Oplus - OPLUS Technology is invented in JDollar Technology and Behaves Like Struts framework used with J@ at later version. 6) Wsharp - contains shortest statements and utilities It itself act like a Technology. 7) Petal Framework - Behave like AJAX With MVC and Advanced MVC Design. 8) WPLUS - Attractive Indian latest Technology 9) VSLASH - Behaves line Spring Orm combination with webservicesof JDollar technology 10) WHTML framework - Used with J and HTML 11) VJAVA(J@) - Simillar to Jdk1.6 Features. J@ has OPLUS Framework. 12) AJAVA - Advanced JAVA , which is used by JDollar Professionals; More Advanced than Jdk 1.7. (Seperate Technology) 13) NSTAR - The Technology simillar to C# , So .Net Professionals can follow it. (Seperate Technology) 14) ASLASH - It is the Best Mobile Technology like JSAUCER.(Seperate Technology) 15) SAUCER - 3rd Generation Technology , best for WebDesign and Graphics.(Seperate Technology) 16) S@ - This Technology is used only for more Security Purpose,but It is simillar to Spring framework. (Seperate Technology) 17) JSHARP(J#) - J# is the Technology invented in J used to interact with JQUERY,HTML,CSS,DHTML,etc. and It covers all latest Technologies Advantages of java/j2ee. 18) WSON - WILMIX STANDARD OBJECT NOTATION used with Arrow# , Jdollar. 19) JAUF - Most Fastest Userfriendly Framework of JDollar. 20) JHSF Technology- It is the combination of JSF , JMS, JEEJ ,solves complex problems,ENCRYPTED AND DEENCRYPTED WEBPAGE Designs, JHSF designs. 21) JDOLLAR SECURITY - .J stands for conversion of Encrypted format toUnEncrypted format. It is the latest Technology of JDollar focusedon Security side. It is denoted in Shortform as "JS". and etc.

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